What type of martial arts suits you? What are martial arts: types of martial arts

There are different martial arts that arose both in the distant past and more recently. They are closely intertwined with each other, but at the same time they have their own characteristics. Different countries have their own unique directions, which are actively developing around the world.

What is martial arts?

This term is understood as different martial arts systems that develop as a means for hand-to-hand combat. All over the world they are practiced as sports exercises aimed at physical and conscious improvement.

Describing what martial arts are, it is worth pointing out that they are divided into directions, types, styles and schools. In addition, some of them allow the use of weapons. One of the classifications focuses on national characteristics. Recently, existing martial arts are divided into the following groups:

  • Sports . The purpose of these events is to compete to highlight the most prepared person. This leads to strict rules, restrictions and sometimes protective devices for lowering. Examples include boxing, karate, judo, and so on.
  • Combat. These martial arts are used to quickly eliminate the enemy, and they also help to survive in critical situations. They are also used in special services and army practice.
  • Mixed . This is a combination of the first two options, in which there are a minimum of restrictions, but there are rules. Athletes use different techniques and techniques.

Hand to hand martial arts

One of the oldest methods of attacking the enemy is hand-to-hand combat, which was used in the ancient world. An example is Greco-Roman wrestling, but the most famous type of martial art where hands are involved is boxing, which arose in ancient times. On the surface, the sport may seem simple, but in fact it has many subtleties regarding hitting and moving around the ring.

Another variation is Shorinji Kempo, which is a boxing style of karate. It involves the use of a series of punches, as in boxing, which are performed in most cases no higher than the waist. Most of all, this direction is suitable for large people. Many martial arts include hand-to-hand combat, for example, the following areas can be cited:

  • kung Fu;
  • karate;
  • Shotokan karate do;
  • aikido;
  • kickboxing.

Martial arts kicks

Many types of martial sports use kicks, which can be performed correctly by people who have good control over their bodies. The most famous martial arts with kicks.

Martial arts with weapons

Some types of martial arts use different weapons, such as a long pole bo, sai – a certain type of knife, nunchaku and swords. An example is the martial arts.

Dance martial arts

In many cultures, they are found that add spectacle to the action. The most popular are martial arts with dance elements.

Martial arts is a set of skills, techniques and techniques aimed not so much at attack as at protecting loved ones and self-defense. Most of them originate in the East and Asia and have an ancient history and many directions and styles.

There are an incredible number of different martial arts. They can be classified according to the method of combat: with the use of weapons and without; wrestling with legs, arms, in clutch; on ancient arts and quite new ones. It can also be divided on a regional basis: into European, Eastern and other martial arts.

Speaking of European fighting techniques, we can mention Greco-Roman wrestling, which has been included in the program of the Olympic Games, the World Championship and Europe for quite a long time. It originated in ancient Greece and has received modern development in France.

Boxing is an ancient martial art in special gloves, it can also be seen in the Olympic “arena”. Unlike Greco-Roman wrestling, where the legs are not used, savate or French boxing is built mainly on kicking techniques. Baritzu is a mixed English martial art described by Arthur Conan Doyle in books about Sherlock Holmes, thereby making him even more famous. German jujutsu teaches the art of self-defense.

Sambo is a hand-to-hand combat technique created in the USSR, based on judo techniques. Fencing is a very beautiful and elegant form of martial art, which is a set of techniques for owning hand-held melee weapons. There are many more martial arts originating in the east, and often their essence is much deeper than just fighting and self-defense. Most of all different techniques and fighting styles in China.

For all of them there is a common name kung fu or wushu, almost all of them originate from the famous Shaolin monastery.

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