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Expect rugby to be way ahead in the rankings, right? In this sport, you have all the prerequisites for getting into the hospital.

When the players are healthy, they push each other with all their might, without limits. Compared to American football players in protective gear, they look hopelessly vulnerable. Muscle injuries, sprains, torn ligaments, numerous fractures.

The statistics are clear: every player gets at least 2-3 minor injuries per match (!). At least 25% of players are seriously injured in every game. So if you want to show off cool or “stab” the state on sick leave, this is your sport. Otherwise, we advise you to stay at a safe distance from him, preferably in front of the TV.


Yes, that’s right. This seemingly harmless sport brings a lot of work to doctors. Even pathologists. Don’t believe? Here are some numbers: every year more than 900 people die on the golf course (!). Suffice it to say that in bad weather, golfers do not interrupt the game, attracting more than 20 percent of the lightning in the area with metal clubs to the flat lawns.

Another cause of high mortality in golf is hitting a heavy ball to the head. You can miss the ball, but a player 100 meters away from you is a very good target for an accidental hit.

The bruises and cracks in the head carried off the golf course are nothing compared to gouged eyes, shattered testicles, shattered joints, broken spines, and so on. So, do you still believe what is a safe sport for aristocrats with a lot of free time?


Although this type of mass dance is not very common in our country, this sport is one of the most dangerous in the world. Behind the beautiful facade, however, there are astonishing numbers: in the United States alone, more than 25,000 serious injuries (head injuries, fractures of the neck, collarbone, arms, legs) and 40,000 minor injuries (sprains, abrasions, etc.) per year.

To practice this sport, you need to have a perfectly designed body to withstand the load of all muscle groups. Just a warm-up before training is more than 30 minutes. So cheerleading certainly deserves respect…


The king of all sports is the most popular in the whole world, and injuries in it have become commonplace. Whether you’re playing professionally or just warming up on Sundays with friends, the risk of injury is extremely high. The facts are clear: a professional footballer gets 200 injuries a year.

In amateur football, the figure is smaller, but still impressive. If you don’t believe me, ask the pharmacy how they sold soothing gels and ointments over the weekend.

Fortunately, in football, the mortality rate is not too high. The most common cause of death is fatal heart failure at high exertion; history remembers more cases of death of players from lightning, victims of objects thrown from the stands, or even from hitting the football goal with his head.

Casual football with friends on weekends? Think again…

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