The most unusual sports

Did you know that in addition to popular and well-known sports, there are many very unusual ones that are also popular? And you can even place bets on some of them. We will tell you about the most unusual sports that have appeared thanks to human imagination.

What do you say, for example, about racing on the bed? This fun game was invented by the US military half a century ago, and it has become popular. The essence of the game is as follows: one player is on the bed, and four others push it. One of the stages of the race is crossing the river. The one who reaches the finish line first wins.


A game that has migrated from the pages of the book to reality, it was first described in the Harry Potter series of novels. Now Quidditch competitions are most often held on college campuses. Students love the opportunity to join the world of magic, simply by holding a broom. Can you imagine underwater hockey? It turns out that such a sport also exists. It was invented by diving instructor Alan Blake. In this game, the opponent’s goal is at the bottom of the pool. Underwater hockey is actively developing at the present time: there are 228 professional clubs around the world.


This unusual sport is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the fastest in the world. It consists in the following: players throw the ball against the wall using a special glove. The opponent catches the ball and throws it again. The ball is so hard that it reaches speeds of up to 300 km/h.

The bottom line is that the ball should not fly out of the court or touch the floor. These are such amazing sports games, and in fact, there are still a lot of them. But, as a rule, fans of sports betting choose football, hockey, basketball or other popular sports.

However, there are also very unusual sports that can be found at some bookmakers. For example, darts. Darts is not just fun, as many people think, it is a serious sport in which the World Championships are held. Another unusual sport that you can bet on is greyhound racing.

The task of the better is to guess which dog will come to the finish line first. If you are interested in sports and understand a certain kind, then you can try your hand at sports betting. Of course, we recommend that you choose popular sports and those that you are well versed in.


PĂ©tanque is an old European game that has become almost a national sport in France. Now petanque is actively developing  in the future it may displace the popular, but already fed up bowling. The essence of the game is that the players of two teams on a rectangular platform take turns throwing weighty metal balls, trying to put their ball as close as possible next to a small wooden cochonnet ball (from French cochonnet – a piglet) or knock out opponents balls with their ball.

The game is simple, but this does not mean that it lacks room for ingenuity, dexterity and strategic thinking. Even without being a trained person, you can succeed in it, and with seeming regularity, in fact, it turns out to be surprisingly reckless.

In addition, petanque is athletic and develops all muscle groups, unobtrusively providing an excellent warm-up workout. Petanque can be played by people of any age and build. As part of the urban culture, this sports game is happily accepted by those for whom sport is not so much a grueling workout as a pleasant pastime.

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