The difference between martial arts and martial arts

Speaking about the existing types of wrestling, it is necessary to understand the fundamental difference between martial art and martial arts.

The main goal of any martial art is to sort things out with an opponent in the sports ring. Clearly set time and rules of the fight, the presence of protective equipment, the presence of judges and spectators, a scoring system, certain standards, sports titles and awards – contribute to an honest fight with a single opponent.

Martial art is more of a street or military direction. These are fights one on one or with a group of aggressive people, the purpose of which is to commit violent acts towards their victim. The use of martial arts skills helps to survive and neutralize the attacker.

The most popular martial arts

Karate. One of the most popular destinations. Initially, the technique was used for self-defense and did not involve the use of any weapon. The defeat of the enemy is inflicted with the help of accurate and powerful blows to vital organs. Demonstration performances of karate masters are very spectacular: they break blocks of ice, stacks of boards or tiles with their bare hands and feet.

Greco-Roman wrestling. A sporting event included in the Olympic program. The athlete must unbalance the opponent, make him fall, press him to the mat and hold him in this position for some time.

Judo. A very soft style based on grabs, turns, throws and holds. The philosophical component is also important. Judo is first of all the upbringing of the spirit.

Boxing. It involves striking with hands protected by special gloves. The fight lasts up to 12 rounds. It may end earlier if the opponent fell into the ring and could not get up within 10 seconds.

Sambo. A view aimed at disarming the enemy and self-defense. Uses throws, holds, grabs. In addition, there is a sports direction with a scoring system.

The most cruel and exotic martial arts

Not in every fight you can count on the honesty of the enemy and mercy in case of loss. There are martial arts that are characterized by cruelty and high injury rates.

Bokator. The direction originated in Cambodia. It involves applying merciless elbows and knees to the most sensitive parts of the body, holding, dislocating joints, sharp throws and strangulation.

Buck. Homeland – the slums of Peru. The main task is to survive. The tremendous speed of the attack, fractures of the limbs, strangulation and strong blows to the vital organs – these are the techniques that characterize this direction.

Lerdrit. A set of techniques used by representatives of the special forces of Thailand. The fight is reduced to the instant killing of the enemy with a strong blow to the throat or temple.

Kalaripayattu. Indian martial art, the masters of which, with the help of a single point blow to a certain place, are able to paralyze or kill their victim.

Strengthens health, promotes mental and intellectual development, teaches discipline and self-control. These calculations are suitable for any kind of sports.

Martial arts carry tremendous power. They can lead to sports victories, fame and success. They can save lives and protect the weak. They can cause injury, injury, or death. You can not treat them lightly and thoughtlessly. Any power should be for the good and help people.

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