Tires Durun Sport-one

Tires Durun Sport-one Durun Sport-one is a summer offer for owners of powerful and high-speed cars. Durun Sport-one UHP (Ultra High Performance) Summer Tire

Tires Durun Sport-one

Durun Sport -one summer offer for owners of powerful and high-speed cars.

Durun Sport-one is a high performance UHP (Ultra High Performance) summer tire designed for powerful and fast passenger cars. The exceptionally high quality of tires of this brand, low cost and a wide range of sizes, consisting of 19 sizes, as well as the presence of speed indices such as V, W or Y, are of interest to many owners of powerful and high-speed cars. A tire with extraordinary characteristics.

The V-shaped tread pattern, consisting of a central and two shoulder zones, is not only an attractive aggressive design that is characteristic of many sports cars. It provides reliable grip on any road surface, as well as excellent maneuverability of the car, even with an aggressive driving style.

The wide solid and rigid central rib of the tire is protected from deformation, therefore it retains its shape on any part of the road. Thanks to this tread element, exceptional directional stability of the car is achieved while driving, even at high speeds.

The shoulder areas of the Durun Sport-one tire compare favorably with other tire models not only in their wider dimensions and a large number of massive blocks, but also in their improved resistance to skidding on the road. Confident cornering at high speed cars with tires of this brand is obliged to reliable grip.

Benefits of Durun Sport-one tires

In addition to such an undoubted advantage as an externally attractive aggressive design, Durun Sport-one tires are:

– excellent grip and effective braking;

– protection against drifts;

– unique directional stability both at high speed and in the presence of an aggressive driving style;

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