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The Noise of the Trees / Le bruit des arbres

16-year-old Mathieu Otis dreams of a better life somewhere away from the family sawmill and his home, located in the small town of Saint-Ulric, in Lower St. Lawrence. Instead of working in the lumber industry, Matthew prefers his car, hip-hop and hanging out with friends. His father Regis is in despair over this situation and blames the small-time drug dealer for his son’s indifference. When Steven, the eldest son, leaves home, life changes dramatically for Reggie and Matthew. Matthew turns upside down the hopeful head of the family. While the guy is making trouble for himself, having fun on car trips with friends, the family financial situation is deteriorating.

Year: 2015
Country: Canada
Genre: drama

Directed by: Francois Peloquin
Cast: Antoine L’Ecuyer, Roy Dupuis, Remi Goulet, Charles-Emile Lafleur, Willia Ferland-Tanguay

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