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Now it’s hard to believe, but even 20 years ago, people received all the basic information about the results of sports matches and competitions on TV or even in newspapers with a significant delay. In those days, the Teletext service, which was provided by some channels, was considered a real breakthrough. Therefore, when in

Overview of Livescore service

Now it’s hard to believe, but even 20 years ago, people received all the basic information about the results of sports matches and competitions on TV or even in newspapers with a significant delay. In those days, service was considered a real breakthrough. teletextprovided by some channels.

Therefore, when the service appeared in 1998 livescore, then it quickly became one of the most visited sites among sports and betting fans. The Irish programmers who launched it are said to have hit “big jackpot”.

At the right time in the right place

Offices began to accept bets online only in 1996. Finn Yucca Honkovara became the first person to place a bet at a bookmaker officially. Two years later, an office began operating on the Internet William Hill, and the total turnover of the gambling industry was approaching the figure of one billion dollars. Naturally, the popularity of online betting has skyrocketed.

Therefore, when the LiveScore service appeared against the background of everything, it was simply doomed to success. And when the offices also began to accept LIVE bets through their websites, this is an additional impetus to the growth of the service’s popularity.

In fact livescore became the forerunner of all modern services for tracking the results of sports events and competitions. Initially, its capabilities were limited, because the information content of the then Internet was not at all the same as it is now. But the subsequent development of information technologies, the improvement of the quality of the connection on the user side determined the progress of the service.

Design and structure of the portal livescore

External design of the website difficult to call elegant or even just beautiful. This dark gray area looks a little dated, especially against the backdrop of modern bright and dynamic portals. The font used is small, as it is necessary to convey as much information as possible. Note that the service not in Russian. This site has only one language version – English.

The structure of the portal is aimed at ensuring that visitors can find the necessary competitions and sports as quickly as possible. At the very top there is a menu with the main disciplines, as well as links to other sections of the portal. Next comes the header, with the only graphic element on the entire portal. On the left you can see a list of major leagues and competitions in the selected sport, as well as a section My Matches.

Just below is a list of available regions and league. In the center is a list of matches that are covered by the service. Opposite each of them is the start time.Above the list there is also a switch between dates – only 7 days. On the right are social buttons (Facebook., Twitter.), as well as the table of the selected league.

Sports and Competition

Total LiveScore..Com. Lights 5 sports – it's not so much, especially with regard to whom how many disciplines illuminates other similar resources. Here is the list:

  • Football – or LiveScore..Com./Soccer
  • Tennis – COM / TENNIS /
  • Hockey –
  • Cricket – COM / CRICKET /
  • Basketball – COM / BasketBall /

In football service covers leagues and competitions over 100 countries. This list features African and Asian powers, as well as dwarf states. Most of the “dwarfs” hid in the MORE COUNTRIES tab. Lights and lower leagues. Even in countries as Malta or Uzbekistan. Livevskors are also given to a number of friendly matches, tournaments, for youth competitions.

In tennis you can find out the results of current matches at ATP / WTA tournaments, Challenger / ITF level competitions, as well as the results of the Cup of Federation and the Davis Cup.

Basketball – approximately 30 countries, as well as Eurocups, youth championships, and numerous leagues in the USA – Women's NBA, NBA, NCAA.. The lower divisions are illuminated in European countries.

Hockey – about 20 countries, as well as junior championships, Canadian leagues, European competitions and national teams (not only championship or World Cup).


Next to each match you can see the stars. If you note it, it will glow yellow – this means that the event is added to the Favorite list (My Matches).

Left is a useful section Live Notifier. It is intended to notify about topical information of matches and events. For example, as soon as the goal is clogged, the player is removed or a break or the end of the fight comes, then it immediately moves up. If you wish, you can also add sound alerts.

The Live section simply displays matches that have already started. Opposite each “alive” meeting there is a green indicator. In the Settings section, you can configure audio alerts (for all matches, for your favorites, or disable at all).

The speed of the portal does not cause complaints. Results in all matches are updated as quickly as possible, and the transition between the pages is smoothly. The minimalism of the portal in this regard is exactly the way – the absence of unnecessary elements allows you to optimize the speed of its operation.


This is not only an excellent site to track current results, but also a great statistical service. For example, when you choose some kind of league, then the current table appears in front of you. You can find more information if you click on its name. In this case, a new tab with the results opens.

In the Round tab, you can choose any tour of the championship and the site will display its results. You can also watch results and dates. Tables usually go with the designation (who came out to the European Cup, who made his way into the playoffs who flew out who went to the highest league).

A similar situation is observed in hockey, basketball.In tennis, you can click on the name of the tournament and see the results of matches on rounds.

Separately, it is worth talking about the match window, which can be opened in Lyiv. The score of each match is clicable. It is worth pressing it, as in a new window in front of you will immediately appear Live Center Selected match.

If you have chosen a meeting of a strong European championship, then you will be able to learn full statistical information: the authors of the scored balls, yellow cards, full match statistics, and even the main formulations with the arrangement.

Moreover, matches even have their own text broadcasts. True, so detailed information is available only for the strongest football championships. In tennis, basketball or hockey such statistical reports on Lay soon you cannot find.

Using Liveskor in Betting

The Live Scores website may be a very useful tool in the arsenal of any betor. Firstly, this service allows you to track the results of most football championships in the world, as well as all major events in tennis, basketball, hockey and creek. It is also worth noting the statistical value of the service.

Thanks to him, you will not only be able to learn the data of the current match, but also to study the current Tables leagues and watch the results archives.

Additional information about the service

A more optimized version of the service is available through mobile applications. You can download them for Andorid or iOS on the site or on Google Play / App Store.

According to the site service cost LiveScore.Com. It is 520 million dollars. According to the estimated data, the monthly income of the portal is 2 million dollars. On the day, the portal visits about 4 million unique visitors.

Another evaluation service Seowebing calls a figure of 2.2 million unique visitors, and is assessed by $ 20 million, and day earnings – 18 thousand dollars. In the ranking Alexa for February 2017, the website occupies a website 583rd.

The site can also contact support through contact form.


LiveScore, Livcore, LiveScore – any of these search queries will lead you to this site. This is one of their first and most popular services in their own way. He perfectly performs the role of auxiliary betting tool. The site is very easy to use, even despite the absence of a Russian-language version. And the high speed of work and the presence of alerts will simplify work with the service to the maximum.

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